New 2024 Ford Fusion Active USA, Redesign, Price

New 2024 Ford Fusion Active USA, Redesign, Price – Ford hopes to capitalize on the rising popularity of SUVs and the dwindling demand for sedans by resurrecting the Fusion moniker for a new crossover-like station wagon. Ford’s next vehicle is speculated to compete with the Subaru Outback, but few specifics are available now.

This necessitates that the Fusion Active be equipped with all-wheel drive, plastic body cladding, and a higher ride height. There is talk that a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid drivetrain will be available. What little information we have regarding Fusion Active comes from the following sources.

New 2024 Ford Fusion
New 2024 Ford Fusion

New 2024 Ford Fusion Redesign

The Ford Fusion has the standard proportions for a midsize sedan, including a lengthy front overhang, four doors, and a short trunk. The Titanium’s 18-inch premium-painted alloy wheels are larger and more luxurious than the SE and SEL’s 17-inch Sparkle Silver-painted aluminum wheels. While only the SEL and above trims include LED headlights and signature illumination, all models come standard with LED taillights. Each model has a single exhaust tip, bumpers, and door handles that match the body color. The SEL and Titanium have chrome inserts. With its chrome mesh grille and decklid spoiler, the Titanium looks different from the other trims. On the other hand, the lower trims have a more traditional five-bar grille.

The dimensions of the Fusion Hybrid are nearly equal to those of the gasoline version, except for height and curb weight. Without the mirrors, the length and width of both types are identical at 191.8 and 72.9 inches, respectively. The hybrid’s 58-inch length and the gas model’s 58.2 inches in length are the only noticeable differences between the two. The combinations have the same curb weight of 3,668 pounds, around 200 pounds more than the gasoline model’s curb weight of 3,472 pounds.

New 2024 Ford Fusion interior
New 2024 Ford Fusion interior


The Fusion Active’s interior layout, the number of available seats, and the overall capacity of its storage compartments are all completely mysterious. The design will likely take cues from modern Ford offerings, such as the all-electric Mustang Mach-E crossover and the midsize Explorer SUV. These renderings depict dashboards with an all-digital gauge cluster, a central display mounted at an angle, and several cubby spaces for stowing items. So that it can compete with the Outback, we think the Fusion Active will have a big trunk and a big back seat.

The following Fusion Active will likely use Ford’s Sync infotainment system in its most recent iteration. We anticipate a touchscreen interface with standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. Similarly, in-built navigation and a Wi-Fi hotspot will most likely be available. Most Fords also come with a premium sound system as standard equipment.

New 2024 Ford Fusion price
New 2024 Ford Fusion price


Its 2.0-liter inline-four Atkinson cycle engine produces 141 horsepower and 129 pound-feet of torque. It is paired with an 88-kilowatt electric motor to provide a combined 188 horsepower in the Fusion Hybrid at peak performance. The front wheels receive 100% of these outputs through the hybrid standard CVT. The 0–60 mph time of nine seconds is about par for the course for cars in this class but is smoked by the Toyota Camry’s 7.5-second run.

However, the hybrid does demand a big foot on the gas pedal to begin moving, whether you’re pulling away from a standstill or passing another vehicle at high speed. Overall, though, the Fusion Hybrid is a breeze to operate at low and medium speeds. The continuously variable transmission (CVT) seems appropriately matched to the engine; it isn’t anything remarkable but shifts smoothly and efficiently. However, high-speed interstate excursions should be avoided as the powertrain has trouble keeping up.

New 2024 Ford Fusion Release date and price

Listings indicate that the average price of a 2024 Ford Fusion Hybrid is $27,743. Vehicles may cost anywhere from $28,000 to $34,595, with the price fluctuating according to age, mileage, amenities, and location. The redesigned Ford Fusion Active will hit showrooms in the summer of 2024.

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