2025 Ford Mustang GTD: The Ultimate Street-Legal Supercar with a Mustang Soul

2025 Ford Mustang GTD: The Ultimate Street-Legal Supercar with a Mustang Soul – American power cars like the Ford Mustang have existed for over 50 years. It has grown from a simple pony car to a high-tech race car that can go up against the best in the world. But Ford isn’t relaxing; it just showed off the 2025 Ford Mustang GTD, which is the most bold and extreme Mustang the company has ever made.

2025 Ford Mustang GTD
2025 Ford Mustang GTD

The GTD stands for “Grand Touring Diesel.” It is a limited-edition form of the Mustang GT3 race car that can be driven on the street and plays in championships worldwide. The GTD isn’t just a matter of looks, though. It has a lot of new and improved technologies that make it one of the most modern and powerful supercars ever made. This blog post will examine what makes the 2025 Ford Mustang GTD unique and why it will change the game for supercars.

What’s Different in 2025?

The 2025 Ford Mustang GTD is a brand-new car with a minor in common with the everyday Mustang. It is built on the same general unibody frame. Still, Multimatic, the company that made the second-generation Ford GT, has dramatically changed and strengthened it.

The GTD’s body is made of carbon fiber, which makes it lighter and more efficient. Other features include a rear wing that moves, magnesium wheels with oversized tires, and an adjustable suspension system that can lower the ride height by almost 1.6 inches for better track performance.

2025 Ford Mustang GTD Exterior
2025 Ford Mustang GTD Exterior

There is also a particular motor in the GTD. It has a supercharged 5.2-liter V8 engine makes over 800 horsepower and an eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox that sends power to the back wheels through a transaxle. The engine is in front of the driver, and the transmission is in the back. This makes for almost perfect weight distribution. There is a dry-sump oil system, pushrod suspension, carbon-ceramic brakes, and a hydraulic control system in the GTD that lets the driver change things about the car, like the steering, throttle, brake bias, traction control, and stability control.

The GTD also has a sporty and luxurious interior with carbon fiber trim, digital gauges, leather seats, and a tablet infotainment system that works with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The Mustang GTD team also offers an exceptional concierge service for owners of the GTD. This service includes home delivery, access to owner events, and unique products.

Design: Exterior and Interior

The 2025 Ford Mustang GTD is a beautiful work of automobile art that perfectly blends form and function. The shape is based on the Mustang GT3 race car, but it also has parts from the Mustang’s long history.

The front end has a prominent grille with the famous pony logo on it, and on either side of it are LED headlights with built-in daytime running lights. A bulge on the hood makes you think of the considerable engine underneath. The bumper has a splitter and big air vents that help cool and slow it down.

The side view shows the GTD’s wide width and muscular fenders. Large air vents in the doors send air to the engine and rear brakes. The roof drops to meet the fastback’s back end, with a giant diffuser and a moving wing that can push the car down by up to 1,500 pounds at high speeds. There are also LED headlights with sequential turn signals, four exhaust tips, and a GTD badge on the back. There are four color choices for the GTD: Race Red, Shadow Black, Oxford White, and Liquid Blue.

2025 Ford Mustang GTD Interior
2025 Ford Mustang GTD Interior

The 2025 Ford Mustang GTD’s cabin combines high-end and sporty. The seats are made of high-quality leather and have GTD logos and stitching that stand out. They can also be heated, cooled, and adjusted with power. The steering wheel is also leather and has paddle shifters and buttons that can do more than one thing. The panel has digital gauges that show significant numbers like speed, rpm, oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, fuel level, lap time, g-force, tire pressure, tire temperature, and more.

A touchscreen entertainment system in the center panel works with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It also has a rotating knob that lets the driver choose between Normal, Sport+, Track+, Wet/Snow+, and Drag+. Different driving situations and tastes can be met by each mode, which changes how the engine, transmission, suspension, steering, brakes, traction control, and stability control work. The entertainment system has sound music, a rearview camera, and directions. It can also charge wirelessly. The GTD also has a head-up display, keyless enter and start, ambient lighting, and automatic climate control for two zones.


The 2025 Ford Mustang GTD has a 5.2-liter V8 engine that is boosted and makes over 800 horsepower and 625 pound-feet of torque. Ford Performance has tuned and tweaked the engine to make it even faster. It is based on the engine used in the Mustang Shelby GT500.

The flat-plane camshaft in the engine makes it more elegant and sounds better. It also has a dual-injection system that uses direct and port injection to get the most power and economy out of the engine. This engine also has a variable valve timing system that changes the speed of the intake and exhaust valves to get the best performance across all rev ranges. The eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox was made by Tremec just for the GTD and worked with the engine. It takes as little as 80 milliseconds for the transmission to change gears, and it has launch control and line-lock features for the fastest acceleration.

2025 Ford Mustang GTD Exterior 2
2025 Ford Mustang GTD Exterior 2

The gearbox is also set up so the transaxle is at the back of the car. This makes the weight balance almost perfect: 50/50. A limited-slip differential in the transaxle sends power to the back wheels so that the car has the best grip and stability. The GTD also has a dry-sump oil system that keeps the engine from running out of oil in high-g moves. The system is made up of a doughnut-shaped tank that is placed where the transmission would usually go. It can hold up to 12 quarts of oil and send it to the engine through an oil cooler on the outside.

The GTD also has an active exhaust system that lets the driver change how loud or quiet the engine sounds. It can be set to four modes: soft, standard, sport, and track. Silent mode cuts the noise by up to 10 decibels, and Track mode lets the V8’s full roar out.

The GTD also has a launch control system that helps the driver get going as quickly as possible from a stop. The driver can set the launch rpm they want, press down on the stop pedal, and floor the gas button. When the driver lets go of the brake pedal, the device lets go of the clutch and sends controlled power to the back wheels.

Release Date and Price

When will the 2025 Ford Mustang GTD go on sale? It should be late 2024 or early 2025. Only 500 of these models are expected to be made so they will be infrequent. On a plate on the dashboard, a unique serial number will be written for each unit.

2025 Ford Mustang GTD Release Date
2025 Ford Mustang GTD Release Date

The GTD is expected to start at around $300,000. This will make it one of the most expensive Mustangs ever made. It will be one of the rarest and most sought-after supercars globally.

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