2024 Ford Mustang GT: An Iconic Muscle Car with a Retro Twist

2024 Ford Mustang GT: An Iconic Muscle Car with a Retro Twist – The Ford Mustang has been an iconic car in the US for decades, and the 2024 model year promises to be an exciting and nostalgic ride. The Mustang GT packs a punch with its powerful 5.0-liter V8 engine that delivers an impressive 480 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque. You can choose between a manual transmission with six speeds or an automatic transmission with ten speeds. The Mustang GT has the same classic look as the original Mustangs from the 1960s and 1970s. It has a long hood, a fastback roofline, and a unique grille.

2024 Ford Mustang GT Release Date
2024 Ford Mustang GT Release Date

Performance and Handling

The 2024 Mustang GT is engineered to offer a perfect blend of speed and handling. The car has several performance options that allow you to customize it. The Performance Package includes 19-inch wheels, bigger brakes, stiffer springs, and a back spoiler. The Performance Package Level 2 offers a lower stance, a front splitter, a rear diffuser, and 20-inch wheels for even more performance. And for the ultimate track-ready experience, the Mach 1 Package adds a more aggressive suspension tune, a bigger radiator, a unique exhaust system, and unique styling elements.

The Mustang GT also has an advanced MagneRide damping system that changes the shock absorbers in milliseconds to adapt to changing road conditions and driving styles. You can choose from five modes: standard, sport, track, drag strip, and snow/wet. In addition, you can adjust the throttle response, steering feel, transmission shift points, and stability control settings to suit your driving needs with each mode.

2024 Ford Mustang GT Specs
2024 Ford Mustang GT Specs

Interior and Technology

Step inside the 2024 Mustang GT, and you’ll find a spacious, comfortable interior that blends modern technology with retro style. The car can accommodate up to four passengers and has 13.5 cubic feet of trunk space. The front seats are moveable and can be made of leather with heating and cooling features. While the back seats are better suited for children or short trips due to limited leg and headroom.

The digital instrument cluster in the Mustang GT has a 12-inch screen that shows essential data like speed, rpm, fuel level, and performance data. In addition, the set can display different colors and shapes depending on your driving mode. The car also features an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system that supports Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, a Wi-Fi hotspot, and GPS. In addition, the Bang & Olufsen sound system with 12 speakers and a subwoofer will keep you entertained while cruising down the road.

Safety and Reliability

The 2024 Mustang GT puts safety at the top of its list of priorities. It has a lot of safety measures that are meant to help stop crashes or make them less harmful. The car has airbags, anti-lock brakes, traction control, and a rearview camera. It also has driver-assist technologies like blind-spot tracking, lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and rear cross-traffic alert.

New 2024 Ford Mustang GT Specs
New 2024 Ford Mustang GT Specs

Even though the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) haven’t rated the Mustang GT, the previous model year received a five-star rating from NHTSA and a good rating from IIHS for most crash tests.

The Mustang GT has a three-year or 36,000-mile warranty and a powertrain guarantee of five years or 60,000 miles. The car also includes a roadside assistance plan that covers towing, fuel delivery, lockout service, changing a flat tire, and jump-starting a dead battery for five years or 60,000 miles.


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