Next-Gen Ford Mustang 2024 Engine, Performance, Specs

Next-Gen Ford Mustang 2024 Engine, Performance, Specs – The Ford Mustang 2024 includes updated components. Among these features are a digital instrument cluster, an 8-inch touchscreen with high-quality speech recognition, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. Modern safety features like a front collision warning system can distinguish between a real alert and a false one. Additionally, the adaptive cruise control makes for effortless inputs and consistent speeds even on steep declines.

2024 Ford Mustang Front View
2024 Ford Mustang Front View

Interior Design

Compared to competing vehicles, the 2024 Ford Mustang‘s interior is noticeably lacking in quality. The fascia is reminiscent of an old-school muscle automobile, but the controls are neatly organized and simple to use.

Despite its high level of standard features, this vehicle’s build quality leaves much to be desired compared to others in its class. The Mustang has a low, athletic driving stance and plenty of front head and leg room, regardless of which seat you choose. The optional Recaro seats on the GT are exceptionally comfortable but may be too thin for some drivers.

The back seats fold down to expand the trunk’s already good cargo capacity of 13.5 cubic feet. There isn’t enough space for an adult to sit comfortably in the rear, and it’s a tight squeeze to get in. On the other hand, the convertible has a tiny box at 11.4 cubic feet, cramped back shoulder, and hip space.

Too many hard plastics are used inside, yet the engine noises add to the overall quality of the cabin. The free-revving V-8s make a low-frequency rumbling that most enthusiasts like better than the steady beat of the radio.

2024 Ford Mustang Interior
2024 Ford Mustang Interior


The standard 2024 Ford Mustang now has better acceleration, and there are new EcoBoost engine variants to choose from. Because of the upgraded powertrain, this pony car is now the fastest in its class without using a V8 engine. Using Bang & Olufsen’s state-of-the-art sound system, this performance bundle also includes a brand-new audio setup. There are 12 notable voices featured. Also included are HD Radio (TM) technology and a CD player.


The 2024 Ford Mustang’s handling package is something to consider if you’re in the market for a new Mustang. Better dampers and suspension components are included in this upgrade. Better cornering control is achieved with the addition of a larger rear sway bar and a stiffer front anti-roll bar. Sticky high-performance tires and a limited-slip 3.55:1 differential are just two of the upgrades to the Mustang’s brakes. You can also get stability control and a retuned steering rack.

Engine Options

There are two available motors for the 2024 Ford Mustang. Both the EcoBoost four-cylinder and the Coyote V8 are quite competent engines. Though equally powerful, the two options are very different in price.

The base 2.3-liter turbo-4 generates 310 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque, propelling the vehicle to 60 miles per hour in 6.0 seconds when equipped with the manual transmission and in the mid-5s when equipped with the 10-speed automatic. The horsepower is bumped up to 330, and the torque curve is beefed up in the high-performance variant. You don’t have to go all the way to the top to have a good time in this convertible; even the entry-level model is fast and exciting.

A Mustang without a handling package isn’t something we’d consider purchasing. The basic 17-inch all-season tires provide a comfortable ride, but they lack the responsive handling we want from a pony car. Track ability is added to a turbo-4 Mustang via the optional firmer suspension, summer performance tires, and other structural parts, which further improve the car’s turn-in and transient reflexes. It’s a few hundred pounds lighter than a GT, but it’s just as fun to drive in canyons.


You have found the ideal place if you want to know how dependable the 2024 Ford Mustang is. Check out our vehicle dependability stats to see if the Mustang is a safe bet. Our conclusions are based on a number of things, like how old most cars are, how much repairs and maintenance cost, and whether or not there are warranties.

2024 Ford Mustang Price
2024 Ford Mustang Price


Ford Mustangs now cost more than they did in 2024. There is an average $500 increase across all models. The price of convertible and Ecoboost convertible vehicles has gone up even further. Ecoboost Fastbacks start at $51,490, while Mustang R-Specs cost as much as $100,480.

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